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The Recession Revisited - Tom Schliefer’s Latest Views on the Economy

Some of you may have attended the event back in January of 2010 – SMACNA-KC hosted a visit from Tom Scheifer to speak on the economy and the future of the construction industry.  Tom is a noted professional in construction management with more than 45 years of contracting and consulting…

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Preserving Tradition While Embracing Change

I recently attended the 2010 Testimonial Dinner including 60, 50, 40 and 25 year Membership Awards hosted by Sheet Metal Local #2 and had the honor not only to be invited to attend, but to see my father receive his 50 year pin and my brother receive his 25 year…

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Stacey Morgan, Executive Director

Have you looked at all the opportunities that SMACNA-KC provides lately?

I’ve just passed the six month mark here and I will admit that it took me a few months to get up-to-speed, but we are moving forward full-speed now.…

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