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Managing the Younger Generations - Why Do I Have to Change?

Unless you're planning on closing your doors and retiring to the Bahamas, Generation X, Y or Z  are not only here to stay, but are the key to your future, whether you decided to keep working or not.


Generation Y or "Millennials" (born between 1980 - 2000) are currently 36% of the workforce and in 5 years will be 50% of the workforce.  Sure, they're different. They think and act in ways that are really different than the way we were raised. 


This fun and interactive session will:

    Help you understand the strengths and challenges of different generations working together

    Provide tools to tap into younger people's skills and talents

    Provide ways for you to stay calm and keep your cool when communicating with different generations.


If you have a specific concern or situation that you would like addressed in this session, please email Marty Stanley before

February 4, so she can be sure to include ways to handle it:

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