OSHA Work Safe Partnership Program III

OSHA Work Safe Partnership Program III with the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association (Kansas City Chapter)

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This is a program supported by the Kansas City and Wichita Area Offices of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, SMACNA-KC and the International Association of Sheet Metal Workers Local #2 of Kansas City Missouri. The Kansas City OSHA Area Office Alliance with Sheet Metal Workers, Local #2 is complementary to this partnership agreement. Together it represents a two-pronged approach to changing the “safety culture” of this sector of the construction industry.

The Partnership will qualify, monitor and assist Contractor members in their efforts and will recognize members who demonstrate exemplary safety and health performance the “the best of the best” in worker safety in western Missouri & Kansas.


The Partnership provides benefits to participating members who voluntarily improve their safety and health performance. Benefits include*:

·       Participants will receive maximum reductions allowed for penalties assessed for serious OSHA violations.

·       Participants may receive incentives from OSHA such as participation on committees or training opportunities.

·       This is a great marketing tool for your organization, it can be noted on job bids and other documents that you are a member of the Partnership and have exemplary safety and health performance.

*these can be subject to exceptions if certain hazards, imminent danger situations, catastrophes or fatalities occur or are observed.


SMACNA-KC member contractors may apply for membership in the partnership if they meet the following criteria.

·       Be engaged in the construction business and a member of SMACNA-KC with at least 50% of a company’s annual sales coming from these contracting activities

·       Have no fatalities or catastrophes resulting in accident-related serious, willful or repeat violations or any other willful or repeat violations that have become a Final Order of the OSHA Review Commission within the   three years prior to application.

·       Agree to provide accident and injury records to the Work Safe Partnership Program Steering Committee on request

·       Has established a written safety and health program meeting the criteria of this program.

·       Is in compliance with all applicable OSHA regulations and requirements

·       Has made safety and health an integral part of the company’s training and employee awareness programs.

·       Has had the effectiveness of the safety and health program confirmed by a site visit.

·       Has a DACR Rate less than the average rate for its NAICS code published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the most recent year available.

·       Has a companywide 6 foot fall protection rule

·       Have read the partnership agreement in full and signed a copy of the application form.


Acceptance in the Partnership is based on meeting the above criteria, Steering Committee approval, passing a non-enforcement verification visit to the applicant’s fixed place of business (shop) and an on-site non-enforcement verification inspection of at least one active construction job site. The visits will be jointly conducted by an OSHA CAS and the SMACNA-KC Safety Manager.

Members who participate in the Partnership may reapply annually by providing evidence of continued superior safety & health performance.

Contact Steve Ratliff, SMACNA-KC, Safety Manager if you are interested in applying for membership in the Partnership.