Business Management Programs


Advanced Sheet Metal Estimating – Kevin Dougherty
Estimators will learn to look at estimating as a process from job inception to job completion. Topics to be covered include: customer types, the pre-bid qualification process, what foreman and superintendents say about the best estimators, contracts, various project options, how to protect your company’s interest, internal communication, job kick-off meetings, scheduling and general conditions, traps and snares and opportunities. Attendees will also participate in a case study. (Note: Chapters can combine the Advanced Sheet Metal Estimating program with the SMACNA Reference Manual for Labor Units to make an interesting application into how to use the new reference manual for labor units).

Critical Elements for Growing Design and Construction Firms for 2020 – DeWayne Ables
2017 is likely to be the best time, within an 8-10 years’ span, to invest in the growth of your company. The market in the US is surfacing many opportunities and a much higher project volume. Some of which was pent-up, some newly created. Many Private Sector Owners are capitalized creating a more competitive advantage for firms who can connect with buyers beyond experience, portfolio and price. In this workshop participants’ will learn:
1. Why 2017 maybe the best time to invest in growth
2. The top challenges facing Design and Construction firms
3. 10 critical elements for Growth
4. How well your organization is currently performing in each of the 10 areas.

Effective Negotiating – Michael Geraghty
Great negotiators know exactly what they want and exactly how to get it. Their communication during negotiations is crisp, clear and concise. When difficulties arise during negotiations, they will have the ability to make the necessary adjustments to achieve winning solutions. In this full day seminar, participants will gain a great understanding of the psychology of negotiation and develop powerful skills to ensure success.

Five Steps to Doubling Your Profit – Bob Langdon
The economy is improving and now is the time to capitalize on the recovery. In this half-day program, Bob Langdon, author of Managing Your Business for Profit, will explore multiple ways to increase profitability in your business. You will be introduced to time-tested techniques to increase your sales volume by identifying your most profitable customers, followed with proven methods to generate even more business from them. Next, Bob will demonstrate how to use breakeven-plus analysis to help you set and achieve your profit goals. Lastly, through your understanding and use of Bob’s five simple steps, you will be well on your way to doubling your profit!

How to Successfully Manage Conflict – Michael Geraghty – NEW for 2017
Conflict in business is all too familiar—particularly under increased business pressures. Still, most of us lack basic conflict management skills. Rather than react to conflict on a purely emotional level, you can learn how to manage disputes and disagreements in a positive manner, or even avoid them altogether. This half day seminar will show you how to recognize the causes of interpersonal conflict. It emphasizes skills to help you critically evaluate conflict situations and then choose the appropriate strategies and tools to manage and/or resolve these conflicts. You’ll develop greater awareness of your emotional triggers and how to control them.
In addition, you will learn how to continually action-plan around the implementation of your new skills.

Key Performance Indicators – The Keys to Project Financial Management – Maxim Consulting
Effective financial management expertise at the top of your operation is expected. However, it is common knowledge that effective financial management at the project management level is critical to your firm’s financial success. Learn how to identify the key indicators that monitor project performance and allow you to drive responsibility to the project level, affecting the greatest positive change. Discover how to automate processes throughout different levels of your organization so that the correct information is reaching the right staff levels in a timely manner. Learning Outcomes: 1). Review key performance metrics that create actionable information; 2). Discuss data collection and metric automation methods; and 3). Understand deployment options.

Making Decisions About Market Opportunities (NHF) – Mounir El Asmar, Ph.D. and Kenneth Sullivan, Ph.D. – NEW for 2017
In this half day workshop, you will learn how to improve your chances of success when deciding to enter a new market, such as doing business in a new geographical location or adding HVAC service or a new trade. The framework developed by the New Horizons Foundation and Arizona State University helps you decide whether you should enter this new market or not. You will receive the 10-step decision making framework, and learn from 30 stories of SMACNA contractors that entered new markets. Additionally, we will go through a market entry decision during the workshop to simulate the different factors necessary for a well-informed decision. Quoting from a SMACNA leader that reviewed the new tool: “If I had access to this framework, I would have avoided some very costly mistakes.” Join us to learn from your peers’ successes and failures entering new markets, to improve your chances of success.

Managing the Lifeblood of Contracting ~ Cash Flow – Maxim Consulting
Cash flow is one of the most important issues facing contractors today. Having survived the downturn, companies are faced with starting new projects, hiring staff, and investing in assets to support the business. More companies go bankrupt due to cash-flow issues than due to profitability. Session attendees will learn the importance of cash management practices, increasing profits with billings and collections, tools and techniques that optimize cash flow and the process standardization to maximize cash flow in this half day program.

Managing the Lifeblood of Contracting ~ Cash Flow AND Cracking The ‘WIP’ – Maxim Consulting
Tired of project managers who do not have a clear handle on how their projects are performing financially? We find many contractors struggle with how to build a robust cost project process that provides for consistency and predictability. Profit fade at 90% complete is no longer an option in today’s credit market. Banks and bonding companies are demanding contractors develop and implement robust cost controls. And, contrary to popular belief, there is only one way to set up a cost control system that allows you to consistently understand how your projects are performing. This 1/2 day Cracking the ‘WIP’ program combined with the 1/2 day Managing the Lifeblood of Contracting-Cash Flow program will have you explore a range of tools and techniques, from simple to complex, that allow firms to manage and control cash flow.

Mentoring and Coaching Practices: Developing the Next Generation – (A New Horizons Foundation Project) - Jake Appelman
This 4 – 6 hours’ program will cover the reasons for and benefits of developing mentoring and coaching programs. Jake Appelman will describe the various mentoring and coaching approaches, including formal and information programs, group approaches, cadre coaching and other approaches used within the industry. Results of the research on the process for identifying candidates, matching candidates with mentors/coaches, frequency of contact and other key components of the process will be presented.

Perform Like the Boss-Developing the Next Generation – Nic Bittle – NEW for 2017
In this half day program, Nic will walk you through what he has discovered is the main difference between the exiting Sheet Metal Worker and the emerging Sheet Metal Worker. He will share with you what the smart contractors are doing to develop the next generation workforce that will give them an edge over their competition. He will also dig deep into the ROI of the professional development of our crew as well as connect the dots to the cost of not taking action. Also, we will take a close look at the next steps a contractor can take to develop the workforce on a company level as well as identify simple tools and tips to determine how well your current leaders are performing.

Start and Build a Profitable Service and Replacement Department - Ruth King – NEW for 2017
Operating a service and replacement department is a different mindset than a profitable construction department. This half day session provides the key information related to sales, marketing, financial, and other activities that help you start and sustain a successful service and replacement department. This session builds on the SMACNA Residential and Light Commercial Service and Replacement Manual and the session presented at the 2016 Annual SMACNA Conference in Phoenix.

Transform Your Organization for the Future – Maxim Consulting – NEW for 2017
With the future bringing more of the same accelerated challenges of schedule compression, pricing pressure, and manpower shortages, the industry will be forced to innovate at a heightened clip. Most contractors are trying to solve these massive industry issues with tactical solutions and everyone is basically trying the same approach they have used for years. The reality is a new business model that is evolving to address these challenges with strategic, long term solutions. Best in class HVAC and mechanical contractors are utilizing value stream mapping to visualize work systems (prefabrication, IT, financial systems, etc.) and identify the gaps, overlaps and roadblocks in how customer requests/orders are completed. We will use case studies of US based contractors including pictures and detailed descriptions of what they have done, why, and the substantial bottom line results they are enjoying.